composition & design by Amanta Scott

painting inner thoughts, concerns, issues and history in Amanta Scott’s workshop for Parallel Lines

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battle-scarred but beautiful by Amanta Scott

Participants’ self-esteem increased during Amanta Scott’s workshop for Parallel Lines.

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interpretation by Amanta Scott

Interpretation is everything. You are looking at this. Your interpretation is what matters.

Amanta Scott’s workshop for Parallel Lines encourages participants to trust their own intuitive knowledge, consider their own interpretation of things and the interpretations of others.

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healing by Amanta Scott

Stories bring opportunities for healing during Amanta Scott’s workshop for Parallel Lines.

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Possibilities by Amanta Scott

There were so many possibilities to be found the suitcase during Amanta Scott’s workshop for Parallel Lines.

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Perspective by Amanta Scott

We all have different perspectives. When we realize this we hold the key to peace.

Perspective, belief and choice: the essence of Parallel Lines.

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Forgiveness by Amanta Scott

What does it mean to forgive something? Many of us found ourselves pondering issues from our pasts as memories surfaced during Amanta Scott’s workshop.

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Starting to connect by Amanta Scott

As the workshop progressed we all started to resonate in our various ways and connect with one another.

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Stories emerge by Amanta Scott

stories emerged in Amanta Scott’s workshop augmenting the exhibition of Parallel Lines at Museum of Northern History, Kirkland Lake

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another highlight from the Neuberger Art Collection by Amanta Scott

Sophie Calle - is another intriguing artist born in France, 1953. Much of her work is photography based and generally tells a story. The stories may be autobiographical, derive from tales of others' experiences, or be entirely fiction. Questioning the line between fiction and reality is fundamental to her work.

In her work Autobiographies (The Tie) she accompanies an image of a tie with an amusing anecdote which would be fun, if true — in which she claims to have seen a man who was badly dressed, so she sent him a silk tie. Each year, she said, she sent him a new article of clothing. One day, she wrote, she hoped to meet him clothed entirely as she had dressed him.

I love this concept. I couldn't find an image of the exact work but here's a link to a website which seems to represent her work.