battle-scarred but beautiful / by Amanta Scott

We go through a lot in life. It's not always easy.

We may feel bruised and battered, worn and weary... but we carry on regardless.

Sometimes one of the best ways to survive is to learn to laugh at ourselves and our misadventures.

We muddle through sometimes on our own, sometimes with help, and most of us emerge stronger and wiser at the end.

It's an interesting journey.

For some of the participants we are the suitcase; for others the suitcase represents the baggage we carry; for others it represents our emotional responses to experiences - we either open up or shut things away. Sometimes we struggle with how to respond.

At the end of the suitcase activity of the workshop for Parallel Lines, it seemed evident that participants' self-esteem and self-awareness had increased. 

The suitcase activity was a really fascinating part of the workshop, both for me and for the participants. I think I'll be doing a lot more of it in the future!

Many many thanks to Beaverhouse First Nation; Canadian Mental Health Association Cochrane Temiskaming Branch; Kirkland Lake District Composite School; and the community of Kirkland Lake: an amazing, insightful and beautiful group of people.