Eyeing Medusa


Eyeing Medusa: celebrating women who dare to shake things up — is a new project currently in development by Amanta Scott featuring: a series of encaustic paintings; interactive sculpture installations; workshops; and online resources.

Medusa (blamed for being raped, and ultimately beheaded) represents the ancient wild/wise woman. Medusa may only be viewed via a mirror, a tool for reflection, lest her rage or grief turn unprepared viewers to stone.

Eyeing Medusa is rooted in the idea that women continue to be objectified, blamed and victimized in the arts and society because we are either not seen as persons, but rather as subjects, objects or possessions; or, we are perceived as a threat.

Through powerful, vibrantly colourful, encaustic portraits of outstanding women Eyeing Medusa invites Viewers to reexamine long-standing perspectives, and reflect upon women: as wise/willful empowered individuals.

works in progress

Eyeing Medusa has been made possible thanks to the generous support of a Mid-Career Artist Grant from the Ontario Arts Council.