Parallel Lines

an interactive art installation and social engagement project


where differing points of view may converge through the magic of perspective

Parallel Lines encompasses: 



a series of photo-based encaustic paintings exploring perception, reality and choice — centred around a prison bed from the former Kingston Penitentiary for Women; a standard-issue prison suitcase; and an individual 

In Memoriam


a sculpture installation with prison beds reclaimed from the former Kingston Penitentiary for Women

15 Minutes of Fame

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15 Minutes of Fame

an interactive sculpture installation featuring a prison bed and a standard get-out-of-jail prison suitcase with which Visitors create their own installations to tell their stories

Parallel Lines succeeds in engaging people’s hearts and minds through interaction, play and conversation — motivating them to want listen, hear and consequently empathize.




a 30+ ft pathway of eggshells upon which Visitors may walk while meditating on what they seek in life




an interactive sculpture installation and community engagement project.

A prison bed is transformed with Visitors' keys tagged with one word indicating what they seek the key to most in life.




designed and directed by Amanta Scott, conducted in the communities, schools, museums and galleries — bringing together Newcomers, Indigenous and Canadian youth and seniors to explore memory, imagination, perspective and choice through sculpture installation, storytelling and painting

The workshops empower participants to consider multiple different perspectives; share stories; listen to and connect with others; cultivate empathy and compassion; and express and release their emotions through sculpture and painting. 

Sharing Circles


Sharing Circles

Artist-facilitated discussion groups in the galleries; and online following exhibitions and workshops

Sharing Circles are artist-facilitated discussion sessions in the galleries and museums; and also online discussion groups to offer a support network for participants following workshops and exhibitions.

Connecting and engaging with strangers through play, performance, laughter and conversation — empowers us and enables us to appreciate the values, priorities and perspectives of others. 

Parallel Lines empowers people to voice intense, personal and political issues; deepen understanding; forge connections; and engage meaningfully with the arts.

"As a person who attended an Indian Residential School — the bed triggers memories from those days. I'm kinda scared of it — but at this point in my life, I also have to be aware that healing would only be a good thing." — Darlene Angeconeb, Residential School Survivor

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Leading Tone Arts Productions is a not-for-profit charitable arts organization dedicated to promoting the arts, cultivating unity in diversity; generating intercultural awareness and understanding; and educating through installations, exhibitions, workshops and performances. Amanta Scott is our Artistic Director and CEO.

The support of our friends, community partners, patrons and sponsors goes a tremendous way to helping us stimulate the minds and hearts of people of all ages, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.



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