Artist Statement


I grew up prowling art galleries, museums and theatres. I turn to the Arts for perspectives on life’s most puzzling questions. The Arts are our thread, our compass, our barometer of all that makes us human. The experience of Art transports us, transforms, elevates and enables us to see ourselves and others more clearly.

I’m intrigued by our tendency to imprison ourselves and others through our beliefs and choices; and the precarious journey we all must take in order to escape our (frequently self-imposed) prisons and find healing.

Both a multidisciplinary artist and musician, my artistic practice encompasses interactive sculpture installation, painting, storytelling, music, performance, video, conversation, Visitor participation and workshops.

I’ve exhibited and performed in art galleries, museums, theatres, concert venues and festivals throughout Asia and North America including: National Gallery of Canada; Royal Ontario Museum; Singapore International Arts Festival; Edmonton Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Algoma and Art Gallery of Ontario. My work is in collections across North America and Asia. I travel extensively and enjoy learning languages and exploring new foods.

My work provides a forum for dialogue and reflection; for both personal and public performative exploration and meaningful self-expression; and for ongoing interaction and discussion between Artist and Public.

Visitors of all ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds frequently give way to tears, hug me, thank me, and pour out stories of imprisonment, freedom; alienation, depression; isolation, community; desperation and hope. Visitors include themselves and their personal effects in my installations; and say they imagine themselves in my paintings.