Artist Statement


Art is in the experience. I explore the energetic dynamic that happens in the space between: Artist and artwork; Visitor and artwork; and in the triangulation of artwork, Visitor and Artist. 

I explore how we frame our experiences; our subconscious bias; the languages in which we think; the words we choose to describe how we perceive reality; and the choices we make based on our perspective, interpretation, belief and subjective understanding of how the world works.

Re-examining our beliefs causes us to embrace change, shift, push boundaries, cross borders, and find ourselves in unfamiliar settings with unfamiliar people — simultaneously losing and gaining freedom and security.

Much as we attempt to divest ourselves, we remain inevitably encumbered with baggage: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, ideological or political. However, once unpacked, our baggage unleashes the potential for exchange, connection, compassion, understanding, and identification with others.

The experience of art elevates, transports, transforms and enables us to see ourselves and others more clearly.

Through interactive sculpture installations, painting, storytelling, conversation and Visitor participation exploring differing cultural ideas and perspectives — my work addresses our tendency to imprison ourselves and others through our beliefs and choices; and examines the precarious journey we all must take in order to escape our (frequently self-imposed) prisons and find healing.