Artist Statement— Eyeing Medusa


I create socially relevant, powerful, thought-provoking, culturally inclusive artworks; forums for dialogue and performative exploration; and opportunities for meaningful self-expression and ongoing interaction between Artist and Public.

An Ontario-based Canadian multidisciplinary Artist of mixed heritage, I have exhibited and performed in art galleries, museums, theatres, concert venues and festivals throughout Asia, North America and Europe including: National Gallery of Canada; Royal Ontario Museum; Singapore International Arts Festival; Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan; Yilan Arts Center, Taiwan; Edmonton Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Algoma; Thunder Bay Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Peterborough; and Art Gallery of Ontario.

I’m forever prowling art galleries, museums and theatres; seeking/finding: insights into the human condition; perspectives on life’s questions. I note, however, that the majority of women depicted are either being raped, assaulted, blamed or objectified.

Saddened by the unquestioned acceptance of sexual assault (Yes: #Metoo) I wonder:

Where are the depictions of women when we are NOT being violated or objectified?

You’d think our contribution to history was negligible!

How can we get any perspective if we can’t even see ourselves?

We need to be seen for who we are, what we do or have done; not just for our luscious sexuality.

In response I offer Eyeing Medusa — a celebration of strong, daring women of all ages and cultures.