Teun Hocks

a highlight from the Neuberger Art Collection by Amanta Scott

I was charmed by an enchanting work by Teun Hocks

Born 1947, Leiden, The Netherlands, Teun Hocks seems an intriguing artist with a great sense of humour. 

Hocks creates "large scale hand painted photographs", featuring himself in the works. 

He first creates a background with paint and props; he then positions himself within the created environment and captures the scene in a black and white photograph. This photograph is then blown up and sepia toned. He then paints a transparent layer of oil paint, colouring everything but allowing the original photo to come thought the paint.

A fascinating process — drawing, performing, photographing and painting. 

His works include images of himself but are not self-portraits. He creates a kind of 'every man' situated in a puzzling, thought-provoking environment.

I'd like to meet him someday! I think we have a lot in common.

Check out his website too. Great fun.