I can't . . . / by Amanta Scott

In every workshop where people are invited to draw and paint, at least one person says:

"oh, I can't paint, I can't even draw stick figures!" — to which others in the group concur and moan sympathetically.

Each time this happens I tell people about one of my favourite painters: Pierre Soulages, known for his stunning black on black paintings which, when I was younger, reminded me of great slabs of chocolate icing; but, beyond that, evoke for me the wonder and mystery of the universe.

I introduce people to Barnett Newman, another one of my heroes, whose work Voice of Fire, rocked the people of Canada when it was purchased by the National Gallery of Canada.

We talk about painting energy, emotional thrust and urge, tuning in and hearing what the heart is saying.

First listen to what you feel then you can decide how you want to reflect and represent that.

And sooner or later, everyone finds they CAN!

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