We think, feel, interpret, process and communicate in all disciplines, using all our senses. Everything is connected.

I teach:

• art — painting and sculpture

• piano — all levels, classical to jazz; theory and harmony; preparation for RCM exams and university entrance auditions

• syncretic art — the fusion of visual art, music, dance and theatre; 

• musicianship for performers; and various other courses.  

I offer private lessons and workshops for all ages — in public and private junior and high schools, arts academies and colleges. I also offer individual sessions specifically targeted towards entrance auditions to arts academies and examinations.

For more information scroll down past the Hands Together Discussion Forum and/or feel free to contact me directly.

I have a very effective success-based teaching method which I find very exciting, centred around conscious learning.

— meaning that we discover how to learn from observing ourselves and examining our strengths in all areas of our lives, both at and away from the instrument.

Another key aspect of my music teaching practice includes working with a metronome to cultivate musicianship, self-awareness and serenity. (You may have heard other people groan about working with a metronome but believe me, you'll soon find it a wonderful and serene working partner!)

Every lesson I ask my students — "What did you discover this week?" and all of them have something interesting to share. For this reason I've decided to start a discussion forum here to encourage exchange between students of all levels and all disciplines.

"Hands Together" • Discussion forum