Syncretic Art is the fusion of disparate elements - visual art, music, theatre, and dance.

Amanta directs Syncretic Art workshops for people of all ages — arts academies, universities, high schools, private schools, primary and secondary schools; special interest and community groups of all cultures.

Participants explore creative expression through many different outlets: drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, speaking, playing, performing and dancing. 

Learn to "sing" a painting or "dance" a sculpture — responding to colour, shape and texture through sound and movement. Discover graphic scoring - expressing sound and choreographic ideas through drawing — using line, shape and colour. Collaborate with others to create innovative performances expressing relevant issues through the integration of sound and movement, visual art, voice, percussion, theatre, dance and performance.

Amanta also offers private sessions tailored specifically to individual needs — whether it be preparation for arts school entrance auditions or working with professional dancers to enhance musicianship skills and develop greater connection with diverse artistic disciplines.