Weaving•Songs III

WeavingSongs III — was commissioned by Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors following the success of Weaving Songs II in 2007.

Directed by Amanta Scott WeavingSongs III brought together Bengali, Tamil, West Indian, Chinese and English-speaking seniors singing in four languages for a series of public performances at Pacific Mall and other locations in Markham, 2012.

Originating from a request for assistance by Burmese/Karen refugees and immigrants seeking to facilitate integration into Canadian Society through the arts —  Weaving•Songs evolved in three stages and drew a far greater range of participants than originally imagined: refugees, immigrants and internally displaced persons from Burma, Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, India, Ethiopia, China and Canada. 

With over half the population born outside of Canada, Toronto has tremendous potential to achieve the ideal of multiculturalism. Sadly, many immigrants, seniors and disabled adults, live in cultural “solitudes”, interacting solely with their own communities, isolated by language and other barriers. 

Now, however, through the unifying vision of Amanta Scott (Artistic Director of Leading Tone Arts Productions) individuals and communities are coming together, singing, dancing, and sharing their talents. 

the time is now — to build bridges in our communities & cultivate intercultural understanding. 

Future projects are currently being explored.

For more information please contact Amanta Scott directly.