weaving Songs I

Weaving Songs I — an intercultural arts project designed and directed by Amanta Scott in 2010.

Hosted by The Ethiopian Association in the GTA, Weaving Songs I brought together Ethiopian, Burmese, First Nation and Canadian individuals singing, sharing stories, discussing traditional weaving patterns, and exchanging cultural proverbs.

What they did

In these sessions, participants:
• exchanged and learned key words in each others’ languages
• learned about the history, geography and society of each others’ countries of origin
• performed songs significant to each of their cultures for the group
• discussed the meaning of the songs with the group
• demonstrated traditional dances
• shared examples of traditional costumes and textile design
• discussed significance of traditional designs, colours and symbols in textiles
• compared and exchanged cultural proverbs
• explored beliefs and folk wisdom through exchange of cultural proverbs and wise sayings
• shared stories of their journeys around the world
• built bridges between communities and cultivated cross-cultural understanding

Many thanks are due to our First Nation Elders: Jimmy Dick and Marie Gaudet; Ethiopian singer: Martha Ashagari, and Burmese translator: LerWah Lobo who gave generously of their time and energy to share songs, proverbs and explain the teachings of their cultures.

Many thanks is also due to volunteer photographers: Lavanya Balasubramanian from Saudia Arabia; Helena Pijou, from Sweden; and Kathy Threlkdeld, from Nova Scotia, who collectively captured some very interesting moments.

Weaving•Songs I was made possible thanks to the generous support of: