ShellShock is a multi-media Syncretic Art workshop production integrating visual art, new music, voice and dance — conceived, composed, costumed and directed by Amanta Scott.

ShellShock II featured the 35-voice University Settlement Choir, conducted by Teodora Georgieva; 120 dozen eggshells; 8 brooms; 3 interdisciplinary performers: Allison Cummings, Anne-Marie Hood and Amanta Scott; with 8 special guests: Phyllis Whyte, John Watkis, Ellen Skura, Ed Oikawa, Jim Montgomery, Lynn Himmelmann, Tania Carter, and Gary Carper.

ShellShock is dedicated to the victims of the Madrid train bombing 2004; and the victims of the Rwandan genocide — as well as the countless other souls loved and lost from this world.

Created in a collective story-sharing process with all cast members mining their life experiences, ShellShock parallels individual and global grief and rebirth and explores how each of us somehow finds the strength to continue on the path towards personal redemption and healing . . .

ShellShock is a tribute to the strength of the human spirit.

Shellshock II

Shellshock II workshop production was presented by Leading Tone Arts Productions in association with Music Gallery, and was made possible with the generous support of Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts and through the generous support of:

Bonjour Brioche
Austin & Beverly Clarkson
John & Judy Grant
Corinne Langston & Desmond Scott
Glady Richards
John & B.J. Klassen

Shellshock I

Shellshock I was presented by Leading Tone Arts Productions at Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto for the FCJ Refugee Centre Conference on Gender and Migration, 2006 — and was made possible with the generous support of Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts and Bonjour Brioche