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Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons

Sharing my love of music through piano lessons in all styles of music, I guide students of all ages to discover for themselves — the joy of making music.

• learn to focus the mind, listen to the body & have fun learning 
• cultivate musicianship, self-awareness & serenity with the metronome
• connect what you've mastered in other disciplines to playing the piano
• learn to listen, play by ear, read music, & improvise with chord charts
• cultivate good body awareness & avoid tension-related injuries
• understand chord progressions
• cultivate beautiful tone
• prepare for RCM examinations; auditions & performances
• make music that touches the heart

Theory & Harmony
Theory & Harmony

Understanding Theory and Harmony is like understanding the workings of the human body, the shape of the skeleton and the functions of the organs.

Together we unlock the mystery of music . . . and examine how composers combine sounds and effects to generate deep feelings within us.

RCM examinations are a great way to evaluate your learning progress.

Musicianship for Performers
Musicianship for Performers

These workshops introduce the basics of music to dancers, performers, actors, artists and the general public. 

• increase your musicality as a performer
• learn to understand what you are hearing
• discover how to listen, feel & respond to musical phrases
• learn how to feel and count the beats in the music
• increase your awareness of musical nuances
• connect your actions to musical accents & phrasing

Syncretic Art
Syncretic Art

Syncretic Art workshops introduce people of all ages to the fusion of visual art, music, theatre and dance. 

• learn to "sing" a painting or "dance" a sculpture
• respond to colour, shape & texture through sound & movement. 
• express sound & choreographic ideas using line, shape & colour.
• collaborate with others to create innovative thought provoking performances
• integrate sound, movement, visual art, music, theatre, dance & performance.


Workshops are available for:

• arts academies, arts colleges, universities
• high schools, private schools, primary & secondary schools
• special interest & community groups of all cultures


Private sessions are also available tailored specifically to individual needs —

• preparation for arts school entrance auditions
• professional development

Business in the Arts
Business in the Arts

Essential for survival in the professional arts world, these one-day-intensive workshops introduce people to the basics of:

• grant and proposal writing
• applying for grants: private & government funders
• preparing & understanding contracts
• website design
• preparing the portfolio
• documentation of artwork
• marketing & promotion

I have conducted many Business in the Arts workshops  at The Art Centre -Central Technical School

Conquering Stage-fright
Conquering Stage-fright

This workshop, for all instrumentalists, vocalists and performers, is an informal gathering once a month, by appointment, at my studio. The events are well attended and participants learn a great deal from each other.

• free yourself of performance jitters
• develop confidence & stage presence
• enhance your concentration & focus
• perform your best every time
• allow the music, dance or drama to speak through you
• share your love of the arts with others. 

All levels welcome. Beginners to advanced. 

Mask Making
Mask Making

From ancient and powerful to fun and contemporary masks fire up the imagination and unlock the inner eye. Masks may conceal and protect, reveal and enlighten, delight and enchant, amuse or frighten. 

• tap into the ancient & powerful through fun, contemporary mask & performance. 
• explore your relationship to the world around you.
• create unique, comfortable, durable masks designed for active use in performance.

Together we unleash the imagination, explore creative movement, dance, music, sound and theatre and bring the mask to life.

Art Talks
Art Talks

Presentations, artist talks and demonstrations are available upon request.

Please check the news page for upcoming events.