Parallel Lines • 15 Minutes of Fame 2011

Parallel Lines is a social engagement project featuring a series of encaustic paintings and interactive sculpture installations created by Amanta Scott. This on-going work has been exhibited in a variety of venues and contexts since 2005, including Artist Project Toronto 2015; Festival International Montréal en Arts 2011; Nuit Blanche, Toronto 2008; World Refugee Day, Toronto; Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste Marie, 2005.

Improv 1 Barcelona - Amanta Scott & Peter Mika

Improvisation between Amanta Scott, piano; and Peter Mika, dance: at 3rd International Doors to Light Congress hosted by Escuelas de Misterios at the World Trade Centre, Barcelona, Spain 2011

Improv 2 Peter Mika & Amanta Scott

Improvisation between Amanta Scott, piano; and Peter Mika, dance: at 3rd International Doors to Light Congress hosted by Escuelas de Misterios at the World Trade Centre, Barcelona, Spain 2011

Shellshock II workshop

ShellShock (workshop 2) - is an installation and performance created and directed by Amanta Scott. Shellshock featured an encaustic sculpture, 120-dozen eggshells with which performers interacted, new music, voice and dance.

Juxtaposing individual and global grief, Shellshock explores inner turmoil and trauma in the path towards personal redemption & healing. Shellshock was created in honour of the victims of the train bombing, March 11th 2004 in Madrid; and the countless other souls loved and lost through wars, disasters & untimely death. Consider the phrase "walking on eggshells" as it pertains to our lives, our bodies; sexuality; inter-personal relationships; a mine field; a mass grave; a street after a massacre . . .

Conceived, costumed, composed & directed by Amanta Scott; performed
by Anne-Marie Hood, Allison Cummings, Amanta Scott & special guests:
Gary Carper, Tania Carter, Jim Montgomery, Ed Oikawa, Ellen Skura, John Watkis, Phyllis Whyte; and featuring: The University Settlement Choir conducted by Teodora Georgieva. Presented by Leading Tone Arts Productions in association with Music Gallery, February 17th 2007 at Music Gallery
Shellshock was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts, and also: Bonjour Brioche; Austin & Beverly Clarkson; John & Judy Grant; Corinne Langston & Desmond Scott; Gladys Richards; John & B.J. Klassen

WeavingSongs 2011

intercultural syncretic art project directed by Amanta Scott for Tamil, Bengali, Chinese, Burmese, West Indian, First Nations, Ethiopian and English-speaking participants

Mile One by Amanta Scott

performance on the move choreographed by Amanta Scott for UNHCR, World Refugee Day Toronto, 2009

Glove Forest by Amanta Scott

This video collage is part of an interactive audio video sculpture installation entitled Glove Forest which features video, a surround sound audio collage played through speakers mounted inside glove-tree sculptures, and an evolving installation of gloves donated by visitors.

The audio collage is built upon found words; the video: found visuals; the sculpture: found gloves.The video features images of nature juxtaposed with footage of landfill sites, merged with semi-translucent faces of young and old expressing personal experiences of loss, the environment and questioning our role and responsibility. 

Drawing viewers through the gallery, the video collage's haunting vocal soundtrack of arching melodies permeates the exhibition space. Walking amongst Glove Forest the visitor hears voices emanating from each of the glove trees. For more information visit:


Arising Phoenix - sound sculpture installation with performance created and performed by Amanta Scott and David Tomlinson. 

Arising Phoenix featured at the National Gallery of Canada in 2005, toured art galleries across Ontario, and was presented to a full house at the I-Lan Cultural Centre in Taiwan in 2001.


Dragon Tango, a syncretic art installation with performance by Amanta Scott and David Tomlinson, was the featured exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in 1998/99. Visitors were lined up around the block.

This video was created during the run of the exhibit and shown on Bravo. 
The music you hear is the artists, Amanta Scott and David Tomlinson, singing and playing percussion upon the sound sculptures.