15 minutes of fame

The installation — 15 Minutes Fame — invites participants to examine the contents of a standard prison-issue orange suitcase filled with various personal items; then select and arrange the contents of the suitcase on and around the bed to create their own artistic statement.

The Artist, Amanta Scott, then interviews each participant — inviting them to examine their choices and intentions — both conscious and unconscious — and give voice to their reaction to the experience.

Since its inception, when 15 Minutes of Fame premiered at the Art Gallery of Algoma (2005), no two participants have conveyed the same idea.

Refugees, former inmates, juvenile delinquents, survivors of Canadian residential schools, prostitutes, victims of incest, insomniacs, workaholics, soldiers, adults, children, seniors, travellers — literally anyone who has slept or attempted to sleep in a bed — everyone has their own unique story and perspective to share.